Man found dead in Mt. Bachelor parking lot

There was an accident resulting in a fatality during pre-dawn hours this morning at Mt. Bachelor. Resort personnel were performing routine snow removal around 4:00 am in the West Village parking lot when a man who was apparently in a sleeping bag was hit by the snow removal equipment. The incident occurred during pre-dawn hours, and it was snowing at the time.

Due to snow removal operations, Mt Bachelor policy does not allow wintertime overnight camping or overnight parking for unattended vehicles. The resort only permits occupied self-contained recreational vehicles to park overnight in a designated area upon obtaining authorization from resort officials. Attendance of the vehicles is required in case the vehicles need to be moved for snow removal procedures during the night. There were no vehicles or tents in the immediate vicinity of the incident.

Carly Carmichael, Director of Marketing at Mt Bachelor said, “We are currently assisting the Sheriff’s Department as they investigate the accident. Our sympathies go out to everyone associated with this tragedy.”