Potential flooding for Tumalo

The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office is continuing to monitor the situation regarding potential flooding along the Deschutes River in the Tumalo area. In coordination with the Deschutes Basin Watermaster, we have been assessing the potential risk of flooding that could involve homes in Tumalo. At this time, stream gauges are continuing to rise along the Deschutes River.

Due to the potential risk, we are asking those recreating on the river such as kayakers to use caution and avoid accessing the river below Mirror Pond. Hazardous river conditions could exist. We also ask that people avoid low lying areas such as river trails along the Deschutes River.

The potential for flooding exists in the Tumalo community. Residents that live along the Deschutes River in Tumalo should be prepared for a flood event. The Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office and Water Master have been contacting residents in areas of highest risk to offer information.

Preparations include:

· Move valuables to higher ground, or higher floors
· Prepare a disaster kit. For more information see: www.ready.gov
· Prepare for evacuation as necessary
· Avoid walking or driving through high water

Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management is coordinating with the Deschutes Basin Watermaster and their partners to monitor and respond to this event. Deschutes County Sheriff’s Deputies and Search and Rescue Volunteers are preparing to offer assistance in the event it becomes necessary.


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